The Business



Growing quality: this has been an absolute priority from the outset.


It is now 20 years since Sylviane and Patrick Denis began turning Aloe Vera into their real passion.

In the 1990s, they worked for a large Spanish company specialising in growing and transforming Aloe Vera.  On their initiative, research began into how to produce a natural juice and natural cosmetics.  Organic methods were unheard of at the time.

When the chairman of the company died and his family no longer wanted to carry on the business, Patrick and Sylviane joined forces with a planter and continued to finance the research.  Not only were they interested in organic farming, they also wanted to introduce new production techniques to ensure that the fresh plant’s properties remained unaltered and the product achieved maximum effectiveness.


In 2002, Sylviane and Patrick founded NaturAloe, a pioneering company in its field.

The fresh, pure juice that they offer is a whole, 100% natural juice produced by small-scale growers and mostly transformed by hand.  Both processes are certified organic.

Here there is no reconstitution, dehydration, rehydration, freezing (characteristic of producers further afield) or filtering over hot coals which damage the plant’s active ingredients.

Produced in a carefully preserved environment in the heart of their plantation in Andalusia, it is the emblem of their brand and the flagship ingredient for the NatureAloe cosmetic range for reactive, sensitive skin.


NaturAloe’s pure juice is certified organic by SoHisCert, the Spanish equivalent of Ecocert in France, which guarantees total traceability.

This is a government-approved organisation responsible for the organic certification of companies.  The certification process includes annual monitoring and unannounced on-site production checks.  It must be renewed each year.

Les cosmétiques NaturAloé sont certifiés par Ecocert greenlife et labellisés Cosmébio.

Pour un maximum d’efficacité et une totale traçabilité, ils sont 100% naturels.