The juice

Just pulp, nothing but fresh Pulp !


 500 ml or 1liter                     Glass Bottles anti-uv

From the beginning, NaturAloe chose freshness and purity: whole juice!

The leaves are treated within 4 hours of being picked.
They are brushed, washed and meticulously peeled to eliminate aloin, a laxative substance contained in the skin.

The mucilage pulp is crushed and pressed to extract the juice, using a specially studied procedure.
Nothing is added. Nothing is removed. Fresh and whole, the juice retains all its properties.
The juice is bottled immediately to avoid deterioration.  The bottles are made of smoked glass, a neutral and anti-UV material, to ensure that the contents are totally protected.

 This manufacturing technique differs from those commonly used, such as freeze-drying or filtering over coals (to remove aloin when the plant is crushed without being peeled or has been badly peeled).

Rich and creamy, NaturAloe’s fresh, pure, whole juice is not pasteurised, irradiated or filtered over coals and has no added water. Its texture, highly distinctive taste and its colour make it different from the rest !

100% natural, certified Organic by Sohiscert.

Composition : 99,8% of pure fresh juice and native Organic Aloe Vera

0,2% Organic Grapefruit seed extract (preservative).