Moisturising Cream



airless pump 50 ml

 ITS USE:  To obtain a skin that is supple, soft and perfectly moisturised** all day long. 

INTENDED FOR WHOM:  For mixed and dry skins (lack of water). 

WHEN:  In the morning on an epidermis that is perfectly cleansed.  To prevent or treat for dehydration. 

RESULTS:  Reconstitutes the natural skin hydration** system.  Effaces dehydration lines.  Soothes the sensation of skin tightness.  Strengthens the skin’s defences against free radicals, light radiation and pollution.  Forms an excellent base for make-up. 

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE:  Apply a thin coat to the face and neck after cleansing and massage lightly using a circular motion. 


- *Fresh pure juice of Aloe Vera (in its original state)
- *Meadow sweet:  anti-inflammatory
-  Oat proteins:  rich in vitamin E, amino and fatty acids, with moisturising and protective properties.  Hypo-allergenic
- *Sweet almond oil:  calming and soothing virtues, moisturising, regenerating and restructuring.

 * ingredient produced by organic agriculture

100% of the total ingredients are of natural origin

 42,05% of the total ingredients come from Organic Agriculture

 0% of chemical ingredients or derived from petroleum 

airless pump 50 ml
**hydration of the roadbases of the skin