Hand Care Cream


airless pump 50ml


ACTION : Provides daily protection for the epidermis of the hands, preventing and repairing the signs of ageing.

FOR WHOM : The whole family, for their hands and feet. In the case of dryness, dehydration, fissures, dermatitis and slight burns.

WHEN : To heal: several times a day after washing hands.

To prevent: mornings and evenings.

RESULTS : Leaves an extremely fine, long-lasting protective film on the epidermis (not greasy). Combats aggression from detergent products and hard water. Slows down the ageing process and the appearance of age spots, and accelerates cell regeneration. Soothes and repairs.

After rinsing the hands well, apply a knob of NATURALOE regenerating cream and massage in a movement from the fingers to the wrist. There may be slight desquamation when applying the first few times.estructure l’épiderme des mains abîmées par le froid, les détergents, l’eau calcaire… Soulage les gerçures, les dermites et les brûlures superficielles.

- *Fresh Pure organic Juice of Aloe Vera (in its original state)
- *Macadamia oil : Facilitate the microcirculation, tonic.
- *Oil of Calophyllum (Tamanu) : This hand cream rich in oleic and linoleic acid helps heal, soothes and calms inflammations.
- *Vervain : Alleviating
-  Nourrishing active from vegetable origine.

* ingredient produced by organic agriculture

100% of the total ingredients are of natural origin

63,05% of the total ingredients come from Organic Agriculture

0% of chemical ingredients or derived from petroleum