Tonic Lotion



ITS USE : For reviving the complexion and completing the removal of make-up. Produces a pleasant feeling of freshness.

INTENDED FOR WHOM : For all types of skin including the most sensitive and fragile skin. Alone or in conjunction with NATURALOE cleansing emulsion.

WHEN : Morning and evening, after the emulsion to complete cleansing or the removal of make-up. To prepare the skin for the application of care products. From time to time, use it as a compress for the eyes to relieve congestion in irritated or tired eyes.

RESULTS : Produces a glowing complexion that is clear and purified. Avoids the sensations of tightness resulting from dryness or dehydration. Strengthens the skin’s natural defences. Softens and gives a feeling of comfort and freshness to the eyelids.

Soak some cotton wool in NATURALOE lotion and apply to the face and neck to complete the removal of make-up. Repeat the operation until the cotton wool is immaculate and dry with a tissue. For relaxation, use in a thick compress on closed eyes for 10 minutes.


- *Fresh Pure organic Juice of Aloe Vera (in its original state)
- Camomile floral water : well known for its relief of congestion and calming qualities and antiinflammatory and anti-allergenic properties (soothes skin irritation)
- *Orange blossom floral water bio : calming
- *Witch hazel floral water : the tannic extracts from the leaves have astringent, disinfectant and vasoconstricting properties ; they also relieve congestion and are
- *Essential oil io lavender : calming, soothing.
* ingredient produced by organic agriculture

100% of the total ingredients are of natural origin

36% of the total ingredients come from Organic Agriculture

0% of chemical ingredients or derived from petroleum