Shampoo Care

200 ml

ITS USE : Maintains the physiological balance of the scalp and preserves the nature of the hair.

INTENDED FOR WHOM : The entire family. In case of dermatosis (seborrheic dermatitis or dandruff) to calm itching and eliminate areas of peeling.

WHEN : Several times a week as a treatment. Each time you wash your hair.
RESULTS : Cleans gently and restores the hair’s natural protection. Soothes itching by eliminating areas of peeling. The hair gains volume and gloss and is soft and easy to style.
-------> not need the application of after shampoo treatment or disentangling

Apply a small amount of NATURLAOE shampoo to wet hair and massage the scallop to generate lather. Rinse thoroughly and repeat the operation if balance of the scalp and preserves the nature of the hair.


- *Fresh Pure organic Juice of Aloe Vera (in its original state)
- *Coconut oil : stimulating and tonic.
- *Jojoba oil bio : restores the hydration of the hair and the balance of the scalp.
-  The emulsions and emollients are of natural origin.
-  Very mild surfactants from vegetable origin.
* ingredient produced by organic agriculture 

100% of the total ingredients are of natural origin

20,30% of the total ingredients come from Organic Agriculture

0% of chemical ingredients or derived from petroleum